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Hi, I’m Josh

Smiling Coffee Snob drinking from a yellow mug with leaves in the background.

I’m a frequent traveler who’s obsessed with coffee. I started off drinking coffee mostly for the caffeine, but as I tried better coffee prepared by people who knew what they were doing, I came to realize how incredible this drink can be.

The more I learn about how to drink, prepare, and brew coffee the more fascinated I become. I keep trying new types of coffee and brewing with new methods and this fascination keeps reaching new heights. By switching up just a few variables, the taste can change dramatically.

As I explore new brewing methods and types of coffee, I’ll build this website into a resource for anyone who wants to take their coffee game to the next level. Hopefully I can help you learn faster than I did.

Global coffee culture

But, there’s more to coffee than just learning to make it for yourself. Coffee shops have their own unique charms and professionals can do amazing things. So, while I love brewing for myself, I still learn a lot from the different coffee shops that I visit. They inspire me to brew different types of coffee and let me try excellent espresso.

As I travel around the world, my obsession expands to the beans and how different cultures brew them. So many countries have their own history with coffee that’s much different from what I know and there’s a lot to learn from each one.

Then, there’s the beans. Their country of origin and how they’re roasted adds a whole new element to the travel experience. Lately, I’ve become more interested in the lesser known coffee regions that are starting to emerge. My travels in Thailand and Vietnam really opened my eyes to this.

Smiling Coffee Snob

I created Smiling Coffee Snob to make coffee brewing more approachable, by cutting down the trial and error usually required to find the right gear and brewing method.

When it comes to specialty coffee brewing, things can seem a little complicated at first with all the various equipment and techniques out there. I’ll share what I know and simplify things as much as possible so it’s easier to get started.

I’ll also introduce coffee culture from different parts of the world. There are a lot of fantastic coffee destinations that most people are unaware of. If you’re a traveler yourself, I’ll introduce some of my favorite cafes from around the world. If you’re not, hopefully I’ll inspire you to travel more.

Where to start

Here are a few of the best articles to get started:

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